Certified CPA Accountants In Charlotte

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Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

The average Certified Public Accountant in Charlotte, NC or small business accountants – gvcpas.com earns $69,465, almost eight percent above the national average. This salary is eight percent lower than that of the combined median salaries of all other metros including; New York, DC, San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles. In addition to making a decent income as an Accountant in Charlotte, NC an Accountant also needs to be extremely organized and detail-oriented. An Accountant needs to be able to obtain information quickly and efficiently, and he or she must have excellent mathematical and reading skills. It is important that an Accountant in Charlotte maintain good health due to the nature of his or her work.

Being a Certified Public Accountant is a degree that requires about two years of college and requires the completion of two additional years of specialized classes. It is the second-highest degree awarded by several of the largest accounting bureaus in the world. There are about a hundred and forty colleges and universities in Charlotte alone that offer Certified Public Accountants programs. Many of these colleges and universities also offer Master’s programs in the field of certified public accountants.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Charlotte, NC has a number of responsibilities and duties. CPAs in Charlotte will generally be employed by firms that do public accounting, but they may work for individual clients who need assistance with financial planning or in financial planning for non-profit groups. A Certified Public Accountant is responsible for preparing and filing client reports and financial statements and for assisting the client with their tax return and related matters. The majority of Certified Public Accountants are self-employed but some work for large accounting firms, investment banks or insurance companies as well as local government agencies and schools. Certified Public Accountants are required to obtain special licensing from the state Board of Accountants to be allowed to work in the state of North Carolina.

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